Zero Waste

Since its inception in late 2005, Zero Waste Energy Systems has formed many partnerships with businesses globally. See the attached list of some of our current associations!


ZWES has entered into a strategic partnership with EEC Energy Limited of Thunder Bay, Canada.

EEC developed a prototype high-energy thermophilic anaerobic digester whose modular design is excellent for agri-business and municipal green waste application. Its main competitive advantage is that, in comparison with mesophilic processes, it reduces processing time from 28 to 180 days down to 4 to 7 days; it increases CH4 (methane) yield from 50 to 70 percent and more; it has a virtual pathogen kill rate of 100 per cent; and it uses low value product to produce useable energy.

ZWES has redesigned and further patented this technology and its first installation was commissioned in December 2010.